Personal Access & Communication

CT Fertility understands the tremendous investment that prospective parents make when they choose a fertility clinic – personally, emotionally, physically and financially – and the importance and power of the doctor-patient relationship. That is why the doctor is always available 7 days a week, in the office, on Skype, and via e-mail. You will not just see him at your first visit and then almost never or seldom again. If you undergo an unsuccessful treatment, you will always be offered a face-to-face physician consultation within a few days. The doctor also personally performs many of the ultrasounds and inseminations, and all of the IVF procedures.

We also understand that even though we do this every day, for you these treatments can be very confusing at first, especially when new medications or injections may be involved. That is why we also provide daily, individual education sessions with our treatment coordinators, nursing staff, and financial counselors to ensure that you have the information you need, with the privacy that is necessary when helping with your reproductive concerns.


Open Every Day

Because CT Fertility is highly dedicated to serving our patients’ needs, we are open seven days a week, providing care when you need it. Indeed, precise timing is usually essential to getting pregnant, and the appropriate time for care can occur on any day of the week. Therefore a fertility clinic that is truly dedicated to providing the highest likelihood of success must be able to provide care when that time arises, not when it is convenient for them. The staff and physicians at CT Fertility are available 7 days per week, 365 days each year, mindful of the fact that window of success for some treatments, especially insemination, egg retrieval and embryo transfer, can be very narrow.

Convenient Scheduling

Weekday appointments always begin at 7:00 a.m. and weekend appointments start at 8:30 a.m. Ultrasounds are always done on-site, and hormone testing is performed in our lab every day, to ensure prompt results to help plan the next step for you. For surgical procedures, Dr. Doyle is on staff at several area hospitals, including Saint Vincent’s, Bridgeport Hospital, Griffin Hospital, Milford Hospital, and the Surgery Center of Fairfield County.