Choosing Your Egg Donor

As you aim to select your ideal egg donor, our goal is to provide you with unparalleled choice, transparency, and support. Each of our in-house egg donors has already been carefully selected and extensively pre-screened by the CT Fertility team, so you can be highly assured of their physical, genetic, mental and overall health, as well as their commitment, availability, and suitability for the process.

But beyond the science and the precision, we know that there also needs to be a human and personal connection. To enable you to find that ”perfect” balanced match, we will work very closely with you to determine and weigh what criteria are most important to you. One of the several tools which we use includes this CT Fertility Donor Matching Survey:

Early in the process we will also arrange a consultation with one of our donor matching coordinators to answer any questions that you may still have, start showing you donor profiles (in both written and video forms), and provide you with realistic expectations with regard to timing. To further understand our matching process you can take a look at some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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