Sperm Donation

There are times when sperm production is severely abnormal and no usable sperm can be obtained either through normal sample production or through a sperm extraction procedure. In these instances, the use of a donor sperm sample is the only way to effectively overcome the severe male factor cause of a couple’s infertility.

At other times, donor sperm is necessary for single women who wish to conceive or for same-sex female couples who would also like to conceive a child. CT Fertility participates with several large nationally recognized donor sperm banks to help choose an appropriate sample that is right for you. Our Donor Sperm Coordinator will help navigate the sample selection process, as well as the ordering and shipping of that sample. CT Fertility does not have a donor sperm bank that we maintain, but as part of our cryopreservation program, CT Fertility can receive and store donor sperm samples for use once purchased through a qualified donor sperm bank. The samples can be stored on-site for use during treatments, as well for potential use in the future for a second child using the same donor.

The following are some of the donor sperm banks that couples can contact to help select the sample:

California Cryobank
Fairfax Cryobank
Xytex Sperm Bank
Cryos International Sperm Bank

A few simple blood tests are required for any individual needing to use donor sperm samples. These tests help select the most appropriate sample based on blood type or blood antibody compatibility. Once a sample is selected, the sample must be purchased from the individual cryobank. Our team of physicians, andrologists, and coordinators at CT Fertility will help you understand how many sperm samples need to be purchased based on the individual treatment plan for each patient.

For additional information regarding the use of donor sperm samples, please contact Lynn Kurjiaka at lynn.kujiaka@ctfertility.com or call our main number at (203) 373-1200.

Sperm Donation