Cord Blood Banking

Committed to assisting you with yet another phase of safeguarding your family"s health and well-being, Dr. Doyle and CT Fertility are pleased to announce their partnership Family Cord, a leader in cord blood and tissue banking. We have selected Family Cord to perform these services for you and are committed to working closely with you and them to ensure your direct access to state-of-the-art cord blood and tissue banking services.

What is cord blood banking and why might you consider it?

A small amount of your child’s umbilical cord blood can be easily collected in the delivery room shortly following birth, frozen, and stored for possible future medical use. In fact, physicians have used stem cells derived from such samples of stored cord blood in over 25,000 organ transplants and to treat over 80 life-threatening diseases including cancers, blood disorders and immune system deficiencies.  Experts currently estimate that a child born today will have a 1 in 217 chance of someday having a medical condition that may be treated with stem cells during his or her lifetime.  In addition to banking stem cells from your baby’s umbilical cord blood, Family Cord also offers you the opportunity to bank stem cells from your baby’s cord tissue.  Researchers have discovered that stem cells from cord tissue play a major role in future clinical therapies within regenerative medicine. This research holds the promise of regenerating damaged tissue and organs by stimulating the body to heal itself. Trials are under way using cord tissue stem cells to treat debilitating conditions such as heart disease, stroke, liver disease, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injury.

How can you learn more and/or sign up?

If you would like more information or start the registration process, contact us, or call one of Family Cord’s cord blood educators directly at (888) 828-2673.  International patients may have to dial +1-310-315-9402.  Translators are available for nom-English speaking patents. Family Cord then takes care of coordinating with the hospital, ensuring proper collection and processing of the sample (24 hours/day, 7 days/week) and coordinating with CTFertility as needed. The  collection will be done at the hospital and sent for storage using a kit provided by Family Cord after coordinating with CT Fertility.

And now the best news... all  CT Fertility clients receive pre-arranged discounted pricing with Family Cord (valued at $500) simply by pre-registering and using the CT Fertility code V0913FCP.

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Cord Blood Banking

FamilyCord's patented state-of-the-art collection kit provides maximum stem cell protection