Unlimited treatment packages

CT Fertility offers a full range of options for egg donor matching, which includes unique features such as our minimum egg guarantee, emphasis on known non-anonymous donations, unlimited IVF package, automatic access to back-up eggs, and money-back option. To learn more about these options see the brief summary below, or click here for full details.

To get started we invite you to request a complementary introductory consultation or appointment with us so that we can discuss with you in detail the pros and cons of each of these options and help you to decide which option best meets your needs and goals.

Unshared Fresh Egg Donation Programs

This choice ensures that you receive AT LEAST 15 EGGS (guaranteed) and up to 20 eggs from your chosen CT Fertility donor. This maximizes your likelihood of success and increases your chance of achieving twins, as well as subsequent pregnancies using frozen embryos that are the most likely to result from this option. This option is also ideal for same-sex couples who intent to share eggs with each other. It can also be obtained with an unlimited IVF plan that includes as many IVF cycles as you need to achieve a successful pregnancy. It can also be obtained with a money-back guarantee option. This option applies to both CT Fertility egg donors as well as outside donors (from other agencies, friends or relatives) whom you may wish to suggest.

Egg Sharing Programs

This option involves sharing eggs from your donor with other intended parents. It ensures that you receive 10 donor eggs. This option reduces donor-related costs but is less likely to result in twins or extra embryos for future use. It is the preferred choice for people who want to have one baby one time.

Frozen Eggs from our Egg Donor Bank

Sometimes we freeze or cryopreserve unfertilized eggs from our proven donors and then store them for future use. These eggs are available for use any time and do not require the synchronization that is always necessary when a donor and a carrier are going through the process in parallel. They are provided in groups of either 5 or 10 but additional eggs can be purchased. To learn more about our Egg Donor Bank, click here.

Embryo Donation

Sometimes when people have completed their family building journeys, they do not wish to discard their remaining extra embryos, and instead choose to donate them to others. CT Fertility’s Embryo Donation program enables us to offer these extra embryos to others who are looking to complete their own family-building journeys without incurring all the costs related to traditional egg donation. Like adoptions, such donations can be either closed (anonymous) or open (identified). If other options haven't worked for you and you are now interested in receiving donated embryos please click here.

If you are interested in possibly giving the greatest gift of all – your unused embryos – please read the comprehensive FAQs document we have about embryo donations, and don't hesitate to email us to learn more.


Egg Donation Matching