Convenient Financing

CT Fertility is pleased to offer access to three tightly integrated and immediately available financing options – CapexMD, Lending Club Patient Solutions (formerly known as Springstone) and Prosper HealthCare Lending (formerly American Healthcare Lending)– to help finance the costs of medications and fertility treatments needed for IVF, egg donation and surrogacy.

CT Fertility is the only clinic in the CT and NY region to offer patient financing through all three of these options, which work with a select number of practices in each region. They all have friendly and knowledgeable fertility financing specialists, and we closely cooperate to make the process of financing fertility treatment easier, faster and more widely accessible to prospective parents. The application process in all three cases is completely paperless and patient confidentiality is considered absolutely essential.

When considering CapexMD you may want to note:

  • Though general medical financing is offered by a number of companies, CapexMD is the only program of its kind to specialize in fertility practices exclusively. This allows the payment plans to be tailored specifically to fertility treatment.
  • CapexMD's financial can also cover the cost of fertility drugs, which often amount to a significant share of the overall costs.
  • CapexMD do not sell the loans to third-party servicing agencies after they originate them. This assures us that our patients will enjoy long-term service by staff that is knowledgeable not only about the terminology used, but also the sensitivity required when a patient is undergoing infertility treatments.
  • CapexMD offers low fees, quick approval process (typically 24 hours) and favorable financing rates.

When considering Lending Club Patient Solutions (Springstone) you may want to note:

  • Lending Club can typically offer higher loan amounts, up to $40,000.
  • Lending Club's offers flexible payment plans that can extend up to 84 months.
  • Lending Club does not charge an application fee, and approval can be provided as quickly as 1-2 business hours.

When considering Prosper HealthCare Lending (American HealthCare Lending) you may want to note:

  • Prosper HealthCare charges no application fee and provides an instant decision for all applicants (without it affecting their credit).
  • Prosper HealthCare can lend up to $100,000 to possibly cover all out of pocket expenses, including medication and other procedure costs.
  • Prosper HealthCare provides the funds to the patient directly so they can use the loan to pay their clinic, pharmacy or agency.
  • Prosper HealthCare provides real-time status updates, automated email notifications, and live lending consultants.

Because CT Fertility understands that infertility can take a financial toll on prospective parents, our fees reflect our dedication to making fertility services more accessible for those who seek to begin their family-building journeys. Furthermore, in early 2013 we announced a new and expanded program lineup which includes an overall 15% reduction in previous fees, the addition of several new low-cost shared egg donation plans, and several new unlimited cycle packages for IVF and surrogacy. Our financial counselors are always available to discuss treatment costs and to provide assistance with selecting financing options and securing insurance coverage, when applicable. In addition, through cooperation with reputable clinics around the world, overcoming logistical challenges and diverse regulatory environments, we allow many of our international clients to save thousands of dollars and up to three weeks of stay in the USA.

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