Gay Parenting

The CT Fertility team understands the unique challenges of gay and lesbian family building, and is deeply committed to supporting and guiding you through whatever questions or concerns (medical, psychological, financial and legal) that may arise for you

Options for gay parenting

CT Fertility offers specific protocol and a wide range of options for single and gay male clients. As a full-service medical fertility clinic you will benefit from our outstanding on-site egg donation program, donor egg bank, state-of-the-art IVF, and international surrogacy program. Our range of programs ensures that you can choose an approach that is most right for you, including unique options for 2-dad families who want twins or siblings from both fathers, back-up safety nets like our Frozen Donor Egg Bank, or an all-inclusive Unlimited IVF with Egg Donation Plan. Check out what others are saying about us on the independent Men Having Babies surveys or online testimonials to read more about how we can help meet your specific goals and personal preferences.


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Options for lesbian parenting

As a full-service medical fertility clinic we can accommodate the parenting aspirations of single women and same-sex female couples of a wide range of circumstances. Our sperm donation program can provide a solution to those that do not have a personal sperm source, and our range of outstanding on-site fertility services will accommodate the varying degrees of intervention you may need in order to become parents: artificial insemination (IUI), state-of-the-art IVF, egg donation program, donor egg bank, and international surrogacy program. We offer a flexible range of single and multi cycle packages to allow you to find the most cost-effective strategy that is right for you.