Integrated Family Building

For over 20 years we have optimized family building journeys by coordinating every aspect of the process, all under one roof.  This is important because we have learned that the ideal family building model is one that effectively integrates every part of the process and ensures seamless coordination. There is no question that IVF, egg donation and surrogacy always involve “multiple moving parts” or that when something changes in any one of those parts, the entire process is affected. This is why over the past 20 years CT Fertility has created a model that brings all the medical components under one roof, and has devised protocols that allow us to effectively sequence and directly manage every phase of the medical journey.  

Programs that outsource the donor piece, the surrogate piece, or the monitoring piece can hardly avoid the “disconnects” that inevitably arise when surrogates or donors are recruited online and/or matched by outside companies; or the inefficiencies that arise when they are partially screened in remote clinics, receive their medications from other doctors who may or may not then perform their monitoring, and finally arrive at their IVF clinic near the end of the process.

CT Fertility offers full-service care in every way. We run our own state-of-the art IVF laboratory, and we also control every aspect of our own in-house donor program, including donor recruitment, screening, matching and medical care. Having our medical offices, fertility clinic, and IVF/sperm laboratories all under the same roof, along with our egg donor agency, allows us to avoid potential disconnects, critical timing errors, procedures that are overlooked or duplicated, and miscommunications. Since nothing is outsourced, we can devote the utmost attention to quality control; identify potential issues (big and small) and solve them before they become problems; help you make informed decisions about the process; and offer you the peace of mind that goes along with all of the above.

Additionally, because we come to know our egg donors so well as a result of the frequent interaction we have with them from the day they begin their application process, we can truly make the “perfect match” that our clients seek.