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Since 1991 CT Fertility has created over 5,000 babies for parents from over 30 nations, including countries like France, the UK, Israel, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Sweden where surrogacy and egg donation are severely restricted or even prohibited. In fact, because of the favorable legal, societal and medical conditions that exist here, the USA is widely considered to be the ideal destination for international surrogacy and egg donation, especially for Europeans. Just as importantly, our over twenty years of international experience, our close relationships with international lawyers, and our solid relationships with medical experts and other community organizations around the world have enabled us to make the process safe, easy and affordable regardless of what part of the world you live in.

Indeed, working with an American fertility clinic like CT Fertility, regardless of your home country, can be much easier and far more efficient than you might think, thanks to the combination of our advanced IVF technology, contemporary telecommunication tools, and friendly and efficient on-site concierge service for our international clients. In fact, most of our international clients usually come to the United States two or three times (from start to birth), depending on their circumstances and personal preferences. In some instances even less travel (and time away from home) can be arranged because of our contacts and affiliations with other leading fertility clinics around the world that routinely partner with us in your care.

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Dr. Doyle and his CT Fertility team are widely recognized around the world as true leaders in international egg donation and surrogacy and have been invited to speak in numerous events and featured in documentaries and news stories in countries including France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, and the UK.