Individualized Options & Choices

CT Fertility recognizes that all intended parents are unique, with different medical concerns, problems and comfort levels regarding their specific family building journey. We also understand that while simple treatments are right for some, more advanced treatments are needed or desired by others. For those that consider egg donation and surrogacy, our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your family building options, including which egg donor is most likely to achieve all of your goals, whether to transfer one or more embryo, the possible use of embryo testing for gender selection, specific preferences for paternity, and moral or religious concerns about freezing or discarding embryos. Whatever your concerns, we listen to them as we partner with you to create the family of your dreams in the way that is right for you.

We also know that advanced treatments like in vitro fertilization may not be the correct choice for every patient, and we would never automatically recommend it without considering all your options. Through education and a complete discussion of options and goals, CT Fertility strives to provide you the information you need to help decide what is best for you. Dr. Doyle will guide your journey, and is available at all times to answer your questions and to provide you what is necessary to help plan a successful treatment. He is dedicated to providing you with information to help you decide which approach is right for you, and which steps can provide you with the best chance for a healthy pregnancy.

Sometimes the chances with certain treatments can be disappointingly low, especially with advanced maternal age, decreased ovarian function and/or diminished egg quality. In those instances we will partner with you to explain those realities, to make sure that you understand all of your options, and to outline what expectations you should have for each. While we strive to ensure overall high success rates with procedures such as IVF, we do not deny patients the opportunity to attempt other treatments just to keep our pregnancy rate statistics high. Findings such as age, elevated hormone levels, and prior treatments are always considered when counseling couples about an expected likelihood of success with any given treatment, but at CT Fertility these are never used as a means to exclude couples from treatment.