Embryo Donation Program

Are you a prospective parent interested in receiving donated embryos?

Sometimes when people have completed their family building journeys, they do not wish to discard their remaining extra embryos, and instead choose to donate them to others. CT Fertility’s Embryo Donation program enables us to offer these extra embryos to others who are looking to complete their own family-building journeys without incurring all the costs related to traditional egg donation. Like adoptions, such donations can be either closed (anonymous) or open (identified). For an in-depth look at the topic we encourage you to watch the informative webinar at the bottom of this page.

  • If you are interested in learning more about receiving donated embryos please click here to start.

Are you already a parent and possibly open to the idea of donating your remaining unused embryos to others?

CT Fertility reaches out periodically to our families who have unused embryos here in storage, campaigns to educate them about their options including donating them to others in need. Many of these parents may not realize that donating their embryos is safe, completely legal, and will require minimal effort on their behalf. The goal of our outreach is to remind these parents of the opportunity to donate their unused embryos and illustrate the impact such a donation can have on other’s lives. 

In recent years CT Fertility has also streamlined the logistics and regulatory compliance process by instituting a non-anonymous donation option that for the first time also opens the door to donations from gay parents, and makes the process easier for all. Regulatory obstacles previously made the process of donating unused embryos close to impossible to same-sex couples.

  • If you are interested in possibly giving the greatest gift of all – your unused embryos – please read the comprehensive FAQs document about embryo donations, watch the informative webinar at the bottom of this page, and don't hesitate to email us to learn more.
  • Click here if you like to read more about our outreach and personal stories of people who donated and received embryos.
What other options exist?

If you have decided your family is complete but donation is not right for you and you are not comfortable discarding your embryos, there are still other options. For example, you can donate your embryos for IVF studies.  This could allow our embryologists to work with embryos that will not be used to create a pregnancy in order to test new equipment or learn a new skill set.  The information gained by our embryologists from working with these embryos reflects in their ability to better treat future patients.  This is a great option for those who wish to indirectly help others without having their embryos used to create a pregnancy.

Prospective parents / prospective donors: watch our extensive webinar about "Considering embryo donation and other alternatives for unused embryos." This online tutorial includes remarks by Dr. Michael Doyle, The medical director, and comments by parents who received and donated embryos:

Embryo Donation Program

A holiday bundle of love - Grace's son was born thanks to embryos donated by other CT Fertility clients.