Pre-Cycle Testing

The FDA requires that we perform very specific screening of all egg donors and sperm donors (which includes intended fathers using a surrogate) to prevent the transmission of diseases during embryo transfer and pregnancy.

These tests include a screening questionnaire, physical examination, and appropriate consent forms will be provided blood work that must be performed in an official FDA-approved laboratory in the US. Moreover, the FDA requires that these tests be performed TWICE – initially as a screening test within six months of your treatment cycle; and repeated prior to the retrieval (within four weeks of the donor's egg retrieval or seven days of the your sperm collection.

In addition to these tests, Dr. Doyle will also discuss with you other tests that may be necessary, including semen testing, uterine testing, cervical mapping, genetic screening, or other investigations depending on your history. These tests look for treatable problems which may need to be fixed prior to actual treatment cycle, and are intended to maximize the chances of success with each of your treatment efforts.