Working with an American clinic

CT Fertility’s extensive experience and the close relationships we fostered with international lawyers and community organizations allow us to understand the challenges of international family building. We are fully set up and committed to guiding you through whatever questions or concerns (medical, psychological, financial and legal) that may arise for you. Whether you are 100 or 15,000 miles away, we excel in bridging that distance and giving you the at-home experience that keeps us connected, regardless of your location. And when you do visit us, our NYC office is conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, with our Connecticut IVF center is only one hour north.

With the combination of advanced IVF technology and contemporary telecommunication tools, preparing to have children in the States can be remarkably efficient and even easy for international couples. With email and video conferencing options such as Skype it is possible to share information, carry out consultations, evaluate donor applicants, and in many instances to even make your choice without coming to the US. In almost all instances we can also find and work with doctors and clinics in your country so that the medical testing that you and/or your partner may need to do can be done as conveniently and affordably as possible. Indeed, typically it is only necessary to come to the United States one to three times, depending on your medical circumstances and personal preferences.

If you are using an egg donor, you will likely want to be here when her eggs are retrieved, but in cases where that is not possible, you can have your sperm frozen at home and shipped here, and we can video-conference you in at the time of the egg harvesting procedure. If you are using a surrogate, being here for the embryo transfer is generally a very special experience, but that too is not strictly necessary.

Bringing your baby / babies should be relatively easy as well, as most international couples return to their countries within two weeks of the birth of their children, with their names on the birth certificate and US Passports, if they choose to apply for them.

In fact helping international parents has become a routine and almost indistinguishable from helping parents from within the US. Furthermore, analysis we conducted of the experience of our international egg donor surrogacy program demonstrates that pregnancy outcomes are unaffected by the additional challenges that may occur due to increased distances, and can be just as high (over 85% per treatment cycle) for international patients as they are for Americans.

Whether you are married or single, gay or straight, next door or around the world… CT Fertility can do it all for you.

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