The CT Fertility Quick-screen library

For couples trying to have a baby, understanding their fertility potential and taking charge of their family building efforts can be very challenging, especially when it may not even be clear whether a specific problem even exists.

For women who are interested in helping others by becoming an egg donor or a surrogate, questions related to their eligibility and suitability may seem equally elusive.

Our set of Quick-screen online evaluation tools have been carefully designed to help you determine the relative likelihood that you would benefit from further testing and/or succeed with treatment for a range of fertility conditions, or as an egg donor or surrogate. Your simple and anonymous yes/no responses to our focused questions will be graded immediately to calculate both a score and a sequence of recommendations.

While these Quick-screen tools are not intended to replace careful office-based diagnostic testing or the specific clinical decision-making steps arises from it, they may provide a simple, first step toward achieving better understanding your options.

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