Useful Links


Surrogacy Agencies and Attorneys
Worldwide Surrogacy
Creative Families Connections
Lotus Blossom Consulting
Reproductive Possibilities / Reproductive Lawyer
International Assisted Reproduction Center (IARC)
Family Source Consultants
Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP)
Circle Surrogacy
Growing Generations
ART Parenting
Center for Surrogacy and Egg Donation
The Surrogacy Experience
Northeast Assisted Fertility
Fertility Miracles
Simple Surrogacy
Northeast Surrogacy Partnerships
AFA The American Fertility Association
ASRM American Society for Reproductive Medicine
FCMA Fairfield County Medical Association
Fertile HOPE For patients struggling with cancer and infertility
INCIID The InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination
RESOLVE The National Infertility Association
LGBT Parenting Resources
PROUD PARENTING For gay and lesbian parenting options and support
Men Having Babies Seminars on surrogacy (NY and elsewhere), online gay surrogacy resources and a monthly workshop at the NYC LGBT Center.
Time For Families Legal advice and resources for LGBT family creation
Family Equality Council The leading LGBT family organization in the USA
Gay Surrogacy for UK Couples Peer advices for UK gay couple and singles about surrogacy in the USA
ADFH Association Des Familles Homoparentales - France
Insurance Companies
Aetna PPO, POS
Anthem BlueCros/BlueShield
Oxford Health Plans
Apothecary by Design 877-814-8447
Dobb's Ferry 1-800-941-8380
Freedom Pharmacy 1-800-660-4283
ivpcare, national specialty pharmacy 1-800-424-9002 or online
Kraupners 718-821-1313
Oronoque Pharmacy, 7365 Main, Stratford, CT 06497 (203) 378-1111
Village Pharmacy 877-334-1610
Cord Partners Cord Blood Banking by Cord Blood America 1-888-882-2673