Options For Single and Gay Men

CT Fertility offers a wide range of options designed to accommodate the special goals, circumstances and values of our many single and gay male clients.

We would be happy to more fully explain the choices we offer in a complimentary introductory consultation or medical appointment with CT Fertility It is not necessary for you to have already signed with a surrogacy agency. For many of our clients, we are the first stop because we are the medical clinic and egg donor agency that puts “all the pieces” together.

  CT fertility speaks to prospective gay parents

We understand that choosing an egg donor and surrogacy program is highly personal and involves multiple levels of choice and control. Your comfort will depend on your access to program which directly address your specific goals and resources (financial, emotional and personal); and the relative importance of factors that we routinely offer, including immediate matching to a wide choice of pre-screened, "ready-to-go” egg donors.

We also emphasize your control to exercise your personal preferences regarding specific issues like:

  • If you have a partner, do you both want to be biological fathers? If so, then you would be looking to split the eggs with him and fertilize eggs with sperm from both of you, which we routinely do at CT Fertility.
  • How many children would you like to have at the end of your family building journey? Your choice of donor program (and donor) will fundamentally affect the likelihood of your achieving your long-term goals, because not all donors are the same, and can vary significantly on the number of eggs or embryos they produce for future use.
  • Will you be happy with a twin pregnancy or do you prefer a single baby? This is critically linked to the number of embryos we would advise you to transfer, and may even affect which donor you choose.
  • How critical is it to you to minimize cost uncertainties? CT Fertility offers truly unique donor matching options which always guarantee you a certain number of eggs from your donation; and depending on what plan you choose, provides for multiple treatment cycles at no added cost, and even a money-back guarantee. Read more about CT Fertility’s Options for Donor Matching.
  • Do you want to meet or even stay in touch with your donor? CT Fertility strongly encourage known (non-anonymous) donations, through which our donors agree to meet you prior to finalizing your match, to provide future updated medical histories as they unfold, and even to potentially stay in touch so one day your child(ren) can someday meet them.

These are only a few of many more considerations that we are delighted to guide you through. We are known for our outstanding balance of technology and science with caring and communication, and we look forward to sharing that formula for success with you.


single and gay men parenting in the USA