Whether you are looking to use a surrogate or planning to become one, the steps of a surrogacy journey require tremendous commitment, planning and care.

It makes perfect sense to trust CT Fertility to guide you through every step of this highly personal journey.  Whether you are married or single, gay or straight, local or international… CT Fertility can truly do it all for you.

So contact us now to request a free complementary informational consultation, or to arrange your in-office visit, phone call or SKYPE consultation with one of our Specialists.

Because we specialize in surrogacy, our experienced team can give you everything you need, all under one roof, including all of the necessary screening and medical tests for both intended parents and potential surrogates; highly effective and safe medical care in our state-of the-art laboratory including IVF/ICSI/PGD and embryo freezing; egg and embryo donation if needed; and follow-up care for what matters most: your pregnancy.

Our specialized care is now more efficient, effective and affordable than ever, and includes a range of treatment option plans and programs that allow you to try once or even several times, with or without an egg donor, depending on your needs and desires.



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