Surrogacy Options at CT Fertility

IVF with Gestational Surrogacy IVF with Gestational Surrogacy occurs when the surrogate carries embryos that are formed through in vitro fertilization (IVF) using the eggs and sperm of the intended parents. No egg donor is needed.
In this instance, the gestational carrier has no genetic relationship to the baby. Women who can produce healthy eggs but cannot carry a pregnancy for medical reasons often use this approach to have children to whom they are genetically related.
Donor Egg with Gestational Surrogacy Gestational Surrogacy with Egg Donation is the treatment of choice for single men or gay male couples, older women, or other situations in which eggs must first be provided by a donor, and then fertilized to produce embryos which are transferred into and carried by the surrogate.

CT Fertility offers a wide choice of egg donors whose donor profiles are available for on-line viewing, and are available for immediate matching. We also allow parents to provide known donors or donors they have found from outside agencies, provided those agencies follow the same strict standards which we do. To view our list of available donors, click here.

In some instances CT Fertility may be able to provide you with one of our gestational carriers, but more often we partner with surrogacy agencies and attorneys, who will match you to the carrier that is right for you; negotiate whatever contracts are necessary; provide ongoing support throughout the pregnancy; and assist you in finalizing court-mediated adoption arrangements.

Surrogacy in the USA

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