This is the second baby we are having with the help of Dr. Doyle, Dr. Williams and the staff. Everyone is friendly, upbeat and concerned. As with a lot of people we ended up here, having many problems keeping and maintaining a pregnancy. We are just 11 weeks now, so we hope everything goes well. We have experienced many losses in the past and the doctors were there through thick and thin, whether it was 6:00 am or 10:00 pm, the doctors always returned our calls and emails quickly. Because of my history, I was probably one of their needier patients… I was never judged, I felt that my questions and concerns were addressed with compassion. T.D., Hamden,CT

I can’t put into words how happy my husband and I are with the birth of our daughters and how thankful we are to CT Fertility for all your help in obtaining our goal of becoming parents. Sincerely , Elizabeth

We are ecstatic and wanted to share our good news with you !
I am having a baby girl. It is a very special time in our lives again !
Thanks to you all. LW

I first saw Dr. Doyle to remove some scar tissue from appendicitis surgery because my OBGYN did not want to operate near my reproductive area. Dr. Doyle was the most informative and never pushed me to do anything that I was uncomfortable with out of all the specialist I consulted. Some of the other specialists were pushing and pressuring me because I was thirty six years old at the time about their services.  HL, Fairfield, CT


For us CT Fertility was the best start for our new beginning. Dr. Williams and all the staff provided the best care for us. They all made my husband and I feel like family! We are thankful that we found CT Fertility and some great patient ,down to earth people to help us start our family. We thank them for our Twin Miracles !  MS ,Chester, CT

It was a wonderful experience! We had problems with another fertility clinic and someone recommended us to CT Fertility, and we are so grateful for that. The team always was pleasant and worked quickly during the fertility process. Everything went smoothly. I would recommend them to anyone who desires a family.  E & B W., Stamford, CT

The best fertility center in Connecticut! Dr. Doyle and staff were so compassionate. Our twins are now six years old, we also have a twenty year old daughter. She was fourteen years old when they were born. Our family is finally complete. Dr. Doyle, we will never forget you! Thank you for blessing our family.  C.R & D.R, Northford, CT

You could not ask for a more accommodating practice for the working person. Everyone was so kind and invested in our treatment to help us succeed in having our baby. They are the best !  AL, Trumbull, CT

Dr. Doyle and his staff are wonderful people, who really care about you as a person, and not just you as a number . Sara their nurse is so sweat and caring. We thank you for our miracles!  P.S., Ansonia , CT

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant with another fertility clinic for over 3 years with no ultimate success. We were disheartened and felt defeated. Then we were recommended to Dr. Doyle at CT Fertility. We went to CT Fertility with no expectations and walked out with so much positiveness. Dr. Doyle showed no concern on getting us pregnant and his confidence was very welcomed. His dedication to us was so fantastic that he even went as far as SKYPing with my husband who was out of the country! The office and staff are absolutely fantastic to deal with. Everyone was so professional yet compassionate, attentive, supportive and truly cared. Anytime we had a question, it was answered right away. I am currently pregnant with twins thanks to CT Fertility our dreams have come true…twofold! We couldn’t be happier and it is all owed to the professionalism of CT Fertility.  Thank You!!!    K & J K, Westport, CT


We are sitting in the sofa, admiring our little girl and starting to understand that our dream has come true! Every once in a while we need to pinch ourselves to make sure we are not dreaming because the feeling is unreal. After having waited for ten years our expectations were high, but now we understand that it was nothing compared to what it feels like when she is here! She is doing well. She is even sleeping during nights and we need to wake her up in order to give her food so we are also sleeping well. Once again thank you for your help in fulfilling our dream! You have all been extremely professional but at the same time personal and warm throughout the whole journey! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for a great work done! M & O, Sweden.



Your entire team is the best. And I LOVE Dr. Doyle. Everything about him. He is clearly the best at what he does but yet remains warm and approachable. Not a common combination
and that sets him way above the rest. I know we got the best of the best when we came to him. What a phenomenal doctor. This whole experience through your practice has been so positive. Working with Sharron and Lorrie and all others has been a blessing. Dr. Doyle clearly staffs his office in his image because like him, they have all been so good. I know how busy you are yet you always made time for us. Such a far cry from what we dealt with in the past. I'm going to tell everyone I know that the best fertility clinic in the state is yours and that no one should waste their time with anyone else. MM, CT


My husband and I walked into CT Fertility in 2007 discouraged and confused, we didn't know why we were having such a difficult time conceiving, we felt like failures. From the moment we met Dr.Doyle we felt at ease and he said it isn't a question of you not conceiving, it just takes some of us longer than others to make it happen. His confidence in our abilities and his practice made us feel hopeful for the first time. Our beautiful son was born in 2008 due to the efforts of the team at CT Fertility. Every day that we look at our son, we feel so blessed and thankful to CT Fertility for enriching our lives. As our son was about to turn two we began to discuss having a second child. We knew it wasn't going to be an easy road, but Dr.Doyle reassured us the "sibling project" would produce the same amazing results. We definitely felt that this time around the process was even more difficult, probably because we already had another child who needed us on top of appointments, daily injections and the procedures. We thought maybe having one child is all that is in the cards for us and we didn't know if we could go through with it. The staff at CT Fertility showed compassion and truly supported us through the entire process. A special thank you to Jill Delavega who answered every question and concern, you are wonderful. As I walk into CT Fertility today 5 months pregnant with our second child, I am greeted as always with such warmth from the staff. We will keep in touch with the CT Fertility family in the months and years ahead as we have so much to be thankful for because of them.  CV, Connecticut

There is no better way to describe the overall feeling and experience of a fertility journey at CT Fertility Associates than with the following jingle. Feel free to sing along...

  • Sometimes you want to go
  • Where everybody knows your name,
  • and they're always glad you came.
  • You wanna be where you can see,
  • our troubles are all the same
  • You wanna be where everybody knows
  • Your name.

I loved everyone I came in contact with at CT Fertility Associates during my fertility journey. Everyone. I was never a number. It was quite the personal experience even though baby was made in a doctor's office. Thanks to everyone-- the docs, the nurses, EVERYONE. I can't wait to begin the process for baby number 2 with you!! Hugs, AS

My experience at CT Fertility was one not to be forgotten. Dr. Williams for introducing and educating me on the donor process which increased my odds of pregnancy at 45, and Dr. Doyle who performed the invetro fertilization with expertise. The staff ...Lori, Heidi and Jamie to mention a few were wonderful. SK


Dr. William's warmth and never ending kindness will forever be cherished in my heart. One of the most special conversations I had was with Sara, the day before my procedure. I remember telling her how scared I was and not sure about following through. Had she not spent loving time with me on the phone, I may not have our beautiful son Joseph who is now 4. He, next to my husband, is the love of my life! I am forever grateful. MF


The doctors and staff at Connecticut Fertility Associates delicately and effectively help you realize your dreams." DT

I had given up hope of ever becoming a mother, and after several attempts at another fertility practice, I was convinced that there would never be a chance of me giving birth, but it wasn't until my friend referred me to CT Fertility and that one last spark of ambition was ignited within my soul. I had my first consultation with Dr. Shaun Williams and the moment I stepped through the door, I was welcomed into the office with open arms by a team of amazing compassionate people. The staff members of CT Fertility never failed to greet me with a smile. Dr. Shaun Williams helped me accomplish my dream of becoming a mother. I will forever be thankful to him and to the staff members for the tremendous change they've helped to occur in my life. In November 2010, I gave birth to MY MIRACLE. My beautiful baby boy is healthy and growing more and more every day. It seems like it was just yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital. My baby boy is very active and constantly on the move. It amazes me as I look back now and see how far I've come; I realize that every check-up, every sleepless night, every tear I've cried was all worth it. LS, Bridgeport, CT

We were on an Alaskan cruise when Carmen tested positive for the pregnancy. She had some early spotting and we used the ship's computer to contact CT Fertility. We received a quick reply from Dr. Doyle giving us assurance that everything was likely okay and not to worry. She used a wheel chair for much of the remaining cruise and touring. When we returned home she went for an ultrasound at CT Fertility. Dr. Doyle confirmed the pregnancy and showed us the embryo on the monitor . We were happy and excited, yet Bob was somewhat disappointed. There had been two implantations and but just one embryo. The following week was another ultrasound. Dr. Doyle pointed to another embryo. We thought it was just another view of the same one. When the reality of what Dr. Doyle was saying struck home, Bob's face, according to Carmen, lit up with a smile from ear to ear.Thanks so much to Dr. Doyle, Dr. Williams, the whole wonderful staff at CT Fertility and the Bridgeport Hospital NICU as well. B and C

Each and every member of the CT Fertility Team was kind, caring and compassionate. When I received my "you're pregnant" call after 3 previous tries, I think the nurse was just as excited as I was about the good news! I would recommend CT Fertility to anyone trying to conceive - and I have! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. NL

I had the blood test to determine whether or not I was pregnant, and found out later that afternoon, on Valentine’s Day 2010, which happen to be the same day back in 1974 that my mom found out she was pregnant with me! That, coupled with the positivity and support of Dr. Williams, Sara and the rest of the staff, I knew in my heart that this little baby was meant to be ours. KS


We have SO many fond memories of CT Fertility (and more to come in the future). We are blessed with two little boys and life couldn't be better. Following the loss of my job, CT Fertility continued to see me during my pregnancy regardless of my insurance status. Thank you so much! RL, Fairfield, CT


Everyone at CT Fertility has been so very supportive and great. I have to give special thanks to Dr. Doyle for always keeping us positive and happy. He was determined and journeyed with us for our quest for parenthood. Thank you so much Dr. D! Also, a special thanks to Colleen for helping me through some sad times and kept me smiling! A special thanks to Lynn! Lynn has been there with Andy and I for almost all of our transfers- Lynn we thank you for your encouraging words, support and hugs too. Thank you, We will never forget Dr. Williams and what your team did for us. Sadie is a healthy beautiful little girl and a true blessing in our lives. Thanks so much, We will never forget Dr. Williams and what your team did for us. Sadie is a healthy beautiful little girl and a true blessing in our lives.                          Thanks so much, A and S 


We started coming to CT Fertility not knowing what to expect… From the first visit everyone here made us feel at ease and very comfortable. Within four months, we were on our way to begin inseminations and have our baby. We are now expecting our baby! All the nurses and doctors at CT Fertility were here for us every step of the way! J & S, Norwich, CT


Everyone at CT Fertility is very involved with the entire process. They all know your name and are concerned with you as a person not just as a patient. They also understand what you are going through, are always very polite and attentive throughout the entire process. I would choose CT fertility because of their personal attention and dedication to the success of each procedure. S & K, Bridgeport, CT

We just wanted everyone at CT Fertility to know that everything went great at our 1st trimester appt! They said all the numbers and the look of them measured great as well. They also said they were quite photogenic! Dr. Doyle the personalized ultrasound to Grandma and Grandpa was awesome. We told them I was pregnant but waited to send a card and skype them to announce the twin part… needless to say there was a lot of screaming and crying. We want to say Thank You to everyone; it was such a great experience working with everyone at CT Fertility. K & T, Ridgefield, CT

We had a great experience with CT Fertility. Dr. Williams is professional, caring and take the time to explain in detail each step, test and procedure. The staff has been very helpful ,positive and supportive through the entire process. It took us a liitle while to make that first call, I am so glad we did ! We highly recommend CT Fertility ! JC, Fairfield , CT


The doctors and staff at CT Fertility are wonderful. They are very caring through a very difficult stage in our lives. They have helped us reach our dreams of becoming parents. I am grateful for all they do. AB, West Haven, CT


Personal attention provided to us was very nice. All the questions that we had at any point of time were answered by Dr. Doyle and Dr. Williams. The nursing staff was always very helpful. Thank you everyone, we really appreciate the care provided to us. GJ, Shelton, CT


Dr. Doyle and the rest of the staff at CT Fertility always made me feel like a part of their team rather than a patient. Everyone always remembered my name, asked about my family and work life. Personal touches such as this always showed me how much everyone cared! M.B. Wallingford, CT


Miracles truly happen here ! Thanks to Dr. Williams and Connecticut Fertility.
I have the most precious treasure in the world –  my sonCV, Milford , CT


The staff at CT Fertility is truly amazing! They are kind, compassionate and make miracles happen. Dr. Doyle and Dr. Williams are always incredibly professional and so helpful in guiding us through this difficult process. We have them to thank for our first miracle ( our two year old son ) and we are working on our next miracle! We are grateful to everyone at CT Fertility for making our dreams come true ! A million thank you’s! S.D. , Southport , CT


CT Fertility is a very professional, service-minded and at the same time personal organization at the forefront of in-vitro fertilization and reproductive medicine. Since our first contact with CT Fertility and throughout the whole process we have seen professionalism and been carefully taken care of. We truly and warmly recommend CT Fertility! Marcus S. , Stockholm, Sweden


Dr. Doyle is an inspiring and caring individual. His confidence and encouragement helped to carry us through this process. CT Fertility’s expertise is well proven ! They are an organization committed to the well being of their clientele. We have had a spectacular success with our son ! R.D., Pittsburgh , PA

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for more than 8 years. But due to aggressive endometriosis, we didn’t succeed at all. We visited hospitals and clinics in the Netherlands and Belgium, had several surgeries and five IVF-attempts, but nothing worked. Those were sad years, filled with pain , grief and disappointment. At a certain moment in time, we decided to stop all treatments and except the fact that we would never be able to have kids of our own.

We decided to go for adoption of a special needs –child from China. In our home country (the Netherlands), adoption is tied to very strict rules and regulations. As a result of this, it would take us more than six years before we would be able to welcome our child. So, adoption was no option either, since we would be about 46 years old by the time our child would arrive.  So we started to look for other options on the internet ( egg donation), and decided to contact CT Fertility in Connecticut. We had several phone calls with several people, and all of them very understanding, very friendly and very patient in answering all our questions. When we flew over for the first time from the Netherlands, the staff did everything to make us feel at ease and to make it possible for us to have all our appointments and investigations in one day. This was so very nice.

After choosing our egg donor ( a wonderful young woman who was willing to meet us and support us through the whole process) we flew back for the second time and stayed for almost two weeks, the egg retrieval and the embryo transfer took place. During these two weeks , the staff from CT Fertility gave us all the support we needed. They did everything to make the whole process as comfortable as possible, and we could ask them anything any time. They did everything possible to make things go smoothly and relaxed. And guess what? With all the help of those wonderful people we got pregnant with twins!
We are almost 28 weeks pregnant with a wonderful little boy and wonderful little girl!
CT Fertility’s support didn’t stop here. No, we are still in touch with each other and they are so interested in the whole pregnancy. That is what makes them so great:they don’t stop caring!  

CT, Netherlands

I remember walking into Dr. Doyle’s office in December 2001 and immediately starting to cry. The first thing he said was “Why are you crying? I haven’t even told you anything bad yet.” His humor put Bill and I at ease as he listened to the struggles and losses that we had already experienced. He was positive, gave us hope and started us on our journey to become parents…a journey that would be full of joy, pain, loss, and miracles.

Our journey wasn’t always easy, but he and his staff were there to support us with a hug, a tissue, and hope. Our first birth ended in both a miracle and a tragedy... one twin made it, the other didn't. We named our “Angel in Heaven” Thomas Michael in honor of Dr. Doyle. He called to offer his support and his condolences and inquired about our other son William, our “Angel on Earth.“ He reached out to us in a way that many other doctors don’t and he showed us that he truly cared. He and his staff then supported us through 2 more successful pregnancies, adding Max and Ethan to our family.

Walking into the CT Fertility office and meeting Dr. Doyle changed my life forever. My life is now full of crazy chaos…and for that we thank him!!! PS. Our son Billy still refers to Dr. Doyle as “the doctor who helps God make babies “.Tammy,  Bethel, CT


When this clinic was recommended , I was a little hesitant about traveling to Connecticut for a cycle. However, I cannot say enough about how professional and thoughtful I have found Dr. Doyle, Dr. Williams and their staff. I previously went to a very well known clinic in NYC and for the most part I felt like one of several hundred patients; I had little one on one contact with my doctor and rarely saw the same staff. This has been a very challenging process, but working with Dr. Doyle and Jill Delavega , my primary providers made it less stressful and helped me to feel optimistic about my families future. Thank you, DB,  NYC, NY


I have always had a positive experience with CT Fertility. They have a great caring team who excel in what they do. AU, Safford , AZ

CT Fertility has provided my wife and I with the opportunity to fulfill our dream of having a family. During our experience the partners and staff were willing and able to address every question/concern with compassion. We felt that the team was fully invested in our success which transformed the process from a scary and stressful event to one of complete comfort.

There are many knowledgeable groups that provide service addressing the challenges of family planning. The unique value of CT Fertility is that they provided partnership in finding personalized solutions to overcome our fertility issues. The outcome has been a gift for which we could never overstate our gratitude.

AL & SL, Wallingford, CT


The level of care at CT Fertility is truly outstanding. In my experience, both Doctors Doyle and Williams are professional and compassionate physicians. Each has always taken time to really listen to my every concern and both are working to help resolve my fertility issue. I feel confident, with their help, I will achieve my dream of becoming a mother.
The support staff at CT Fertility is remarkable in their professionalism, responsiveness, and caring approach. I personally have made many calls and email inquiries, and all have been answered in a thorough, patient, professional manner, even the most trivial questions. They have provided personal support to me like no other medical staff ever has.
In a world where most fertility centers only know their patients by a number, the doctors and staff at CT Fertility offer a wonderful combination of medical excellence and personal care that has fallen by the wayside at many fertility centers.
I know that I made the right choice choosing CT Fertility to help me achieve motherhood, and I know others will too.  

Nicole, NYC, NY


After the birth of my twins in 2002, returning to CT Fertility for FET was like coming home. No matter who I encountered- nurses, office staff, doctors- everyone was helpful, had a great bedside manner, and made me feel like they were really 'rooting' for me. I felt supported and relaxed and even felt a tinge of sadness being discharged to my regular OB-GYN 10 weeks into my pregnancy. I highly recommend CT Fertility to anyone who's struggling with the ups and downs of infertility.

MD, Trumbull, CT


After having a failed egg donor cycle, we researched and found Dr. Doyle. Even though we live in another state, everyone in his office was beyond helpful. We now have done our 2nd donor cycle with frozen eggs. The CT Fertility Team has been fantastic ! We feel very lucky and grateful that we found them .

HL, Philadelphia, PA

The people here have been very nice and helpful. Dr. Williams has never made us feel rushed or unavailable when we needed him. We feel that we have made a great choice in Dr. Williams and CT Fertility for our medical needs.

AF, West Haven, CT

The doctors, nurses and staff are always discrete, compassionate and make themselves available to answer any questions we have at any point during the process.

I have been coming to CT Fertility for several years. At 39 I became pregnant with our amazing baby boy. Now at 41, I am hoping we will achieve a second pregnancy. At no time during our processes have my wife or I felt that we were treated differently from other (hetero ) couples. Regardless of our outcome, our experiences here have been extremely positive.

Renee, Milford, CT

Our experience with Connecticut Fertility Associates has been a dream come true. After 3 years of not being able to conceive, my husband and I almost gave up. Then I found the CT Fertility website and read how successful Dr. Doyle is with his patients. So we made our appointment with Dr.Doyle and he explained the plan to make our dream come true. Then I met Sandy, the cycle coordinator, and she helped me throughout my cycle. She always answered my questions and was very supportive. Now, we have our beautiful baby girl and life keeps getting better for us.

CT Fertility is the best infertility treatment center we have worked with because they are professional, thorough and caring. Whenever I come to my appointments, I truly feel like I am visiting family. I highly recommend CT Fertility to anyone who needs help with infertility. In my opinion, CT Fertility makes sure each patient receives the care and attention they need for their journey to parenthood.

“Thank you CT Fertility!”
Samantha & Oscar- New London, CT


My experience with Connecticut Fertility has been a very positive one.
Dr.'s Doyle and Williams, and the entire staff at Connecticut Fertility have
been most knowledgeable, caring, and supportive in my struggles with
infertility. Because of them I am now blessed with twins. I would highly
recommend the team at Connecticut Fertility.

C.M. Trumbull, CT


Dr. Doyle, Dr. Williams and Staff at Connecticut Fertility Associates have listened and supported us throughout this emotional process! Thanks to everyone at CT Fertility .

EM, Trumbull, CT

The compassion and patience of the doctors and staff at CT Fertility is unparalleled .Through all the ups and downs, years of success and some not so successful attempts, both Dr. Doyle and Dr. Williams have been an immense source of information, expertise and support.
Angel, Norwalk, CT


"After years of infertility and ultimately the mindset that I would never conceive a child a miracle happened...Robert was born.

Thanks to the intelligence and influence of Dr. Williams on the infertility and egg donor process, as well as the expert precision of Dr. Doyle with the IVF and frozen Donor Egg Bank, my dream came true at 45 years old. The personal and professional staff at CT Fertility made coming to the doctor's office an extremely comfortable and very pleasant experience.  -Susan K.


Having a child was an absolute dream come true, and it wouldn't have been possible without the care I received in my 3 year journey with CT Fertility. Dr. Doyle, Dr. Williams and the entire staff were always so kind and compassionate and helped me navigate through all of my treatments - and this was so important, especially when I was overwhelmed by a roller coaster of emotions and hormones. I always felt like there was a good plan in place, and this helped my husband and I move forward with the hope that one day it would happen. And now we know the joy of what it's like to hold a miracle in our arms! If and when we are ready to give our daughter a sibling, I know I will be in the best of care again and that's a great feeling.  - JB / Stamford, Connecticut

"I encourage everyone who may be experiencing any type of challenge with conceiving a baby to go to Connecticut Fertility Associates.  From the initial consultation to the final pregnancy test, the doctors and staff found there are caring, thorough, and professional.

On a more personal note, Connecticut Fertility Associates overcame every obstacle my later-in-life body encountered (I was 45 years 'young' when I came to them) and now I'm mom to the most beautiful boy there could ever be.

With all said and done, it is without hesitation that I recommend Connecticut Fertility Associates if you wish to realize the child of your dreams." - Deborah - New Haven, Connecticut

My boyfriend and I are a gay male couple and created two children through two gestational surrogacies with egg donation via CT Fertility.  We could not have been happier with the knowledgeable, professional service and warm, positive approach of everyone at CT Fertility. The IVF/surrogacy journey seldom goes exactly as planned but CT Fertility was always there to knowingly guide us through the process. After our first child was born, we never contemplated using anyone other than CT Fertility for our second. The people at CT Fertility are genuinely interested in assisting people have children and their consistently helpful attitudes demonstrate that they really enjoy their jobs. Above all, they achieve results: beautiful babies. - FMR&RJS - Wellesley, Massachusetts

My partner, Joy and I always dreamed of becoming parents. In Israel is not possible. With the help of the wonderful people of the CT FERTILITY ASSOCIATES we turned the dream into reality. The excellent doctors followed the pregnancy very professionally. Beyond that, we received a sympathetic ear, courteous attitude and support of the clinic staff. They accompanied us throughout the process, they explained, advised and led us to our babies. Oshik and Joy. Israel


Today we are parents of charming twins and all with your help. Thank you very much, What a wonderful experience and a privilege to work with CT Fertility. Dr Williams and Dr. Doyle are the best! They made our dreams come true! Lorraine & Cameron


I can’t put into words how happy my husband and I are with the birth of our daughters and how thankful we are to CT Fertility for all your help in obtaining our goal of becoming parents.

Sincerely, Elizabeth


We are ecstatic and wanted to share our good news with you ! I am having a baby girl. It is a very special time in our lives again !

Thanks to you all.