CT Fertility is offering webinars featuring Dr. Doyle, our IVF lab staff, nursing team and other internal and guest professionals. These seminars can be attended live anywhere by using a computer or mobile devices. They will also be archived for later viewing. Most webinars are timed so they can be viewed mid-day eastern and central USA, and early evening in Europe. They are aimed to allow prospective parents to learn more about some of the new technologies and options related to IVF, egg donation and surrogacy, and to answer questions they may have.

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May 8, 2016 12:30pm EDT / 18.30 CET French language webinar ""GPA et don d'ovocytes aux État-Unis" (Surrogacy and egg donation in the USA) Michael Doyle, MD
Clélia Richard, an independent French family lawyer
March 8, 2016 12:30pm EST / 18.30 CET German language webinar "Eltern mit Hilfe einer Leihmutterschaft in den USA werden" (Becoming a parent through surrogacy in the USA) Michael Doyle, MD
Diane Hinson, Esq., Creative Family Connections
A German Attorney for German-American Law
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Sep 24, 2014 12:00pm EDT Considering embryo donation and other alternatives for unused embryos Michael Doyle, MD
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Sep 10, 2014 12:00pm EDT Understanding IVF success rates and statistics, and what drives them
Michael Doyle, MD
Ed Stehlik, IVF Lab Director


Future topis may include:

  • Turning to friends or family for egg or sperm donation - medical and personal considerations
  • The advantages and risks of repetitive donations: When to stop … and why?
  • How frozen eggs can be used as safety-net in protocols aimed to reduce risk, control costs, avoid cycle cancelations.
  • Genetic testing: State-of the art options for donors and IPs
  • Considering a friend or family member as a potential surrogate? Medical, practical and psychological issues to consider.
  • Why conventional fertility preservation programs fail to help those who need them most, and how to overcome these challenges.
  • Future fertility concerns for repeat egg donors, and how the “Donate & Preserve” program can help both donors and parents.
  • State of the art genetic testing for parents and donors: when and how to create a balanced and reactive genetic testing plan.
  • The “dual-journey” alternative – the medical, ethical, and cost implications of using one IVF treatment to have two simultaneous single pregnancies.
  • Understanding the technology and art of egg freezing and banking, and the potential benefits for intended parents.
  • Where to start the family building journey – doctor, fertility clinic, lawyer, agency – and who exactly does what...
  • Alternatives to anonymous egg donation and their advantages - including the option to meet the donor, know her identity, keep in touch through the clinic or directly (for medical or psychological reasons).

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