A Note from CT Fertility

Since 1991, CT Fertility has provided comprehensive, effective fertility treatments, which have resulted in hundreds of babies annually. We provide diagnosis and treatment of all fertility-related conditions, including hormonal imbalances; anatomical problems such as scar tissue, endometriosis and fibroids; male infertility; and even unexplained infertility. Our treatment options include fertility medications; insemination; laparoscopic, laser, hysteroscopic and microsurgical procedures; and in vitro fertilization (IVF), including donor eggs and surrogacy.

One of our strengths lies in balancing the simplest approaches for some, with the most advanced treatments for others; and in listening to you when deciding which approach is right for you. Our dedicated staff of professionals has extensive experience in guiding patients through these treatment processes with expertise and compassion. Our team of nurses and nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and large administrative support staff are here to simplify the medical, emotional and financial stresses which you may face.

Our physicians and staff are personally committed to excellence and success in every aspect of your care at CT Fertility.

We believe that it is important that you be informed about the available tests, treatment options, and procedures which we will discuss. Fertility testing and treatment can sometimes be overwhelming, and this website in one of my efforts to assist you in controlling the process, rather than allowing the process to control you. This service is not intended to replace any personal input from me or my staff, but rather to enhance your ability to participate in your health care decisions. In fact, in our offices, we offer and encourage numerous one-on-one classes which focus on most treatment options, including fertility drugs, in vitro fertilization, insemination, and surgery.

You and your partner may access this website as often as you would like, via the Internet from home or work, or in the Resource Center in our offices. Please feel free to take notes during these programs, and write down questions for discussion during your visits. We want you to understand your specific situation, and to make appropriate treatment choices, and we realize that in order for you to do that, you must be fully informed. We are deeply committed to building a partnership with you to ensure that you feel very comfortable with your care here, and the treatments you choose.

Our goal is to provide whatever treatment -- simple or advanced -- you need in an individualized and personalized manner. We understand the medical, emotional, and financial impact of infertility, and we are here to help.

Again, welcome to the practice!
The CT Fertility Team