Living a healthy lifestyle during IVF can help you on your path to parenthood. Increasing physical activity before and during pregnancy can have great benefits in your health now and for the rest of your life. Studies have shown that exercise can improve your fertility!

Therefore, even in the heat of the summer months, we recommend continuing your exercise routine. Everyone’s bodies respond differently to various reproductive hormone treatments; during your IVF cycle, it’s best to keep your workouts to low-moderate intensity so you don’t undergo too much physical stress. Stay cool while sweating it out with these low-impact summer exercises!

Low-Impact Exercises During IVF Treatment

Walk In Cooler Hours Walking is a great workout, but take your walks in the early morning and/or evening hours when temperatures are cooler than mid-day. If you’re walking when the outside temperature is the highest, you can elevate your core body temperature too high. To get up for those early morning walks and still get a good night sleep, head to bed earlier, so you can wake up for a walk before temperatures really start to increase.

Dive In! Swimming is another great low intensity workout to do during your IVF cycle. The cool water can help you take a break from the summer heat. Wading in the water is a good workout, but to make the most of your swimming workout, opt for short 2-3 minute intervals or swimming laps. You can also hold at the pool wall and kick your legs behind you if laps aren’t your thing.

Yoga Outdoor yoga is a great way to be physically active during IVF. Plus it’s a wonderful way to alleviate some of the emotional stress that can come along with infertility. When doing yoga during IVF choose a restorative practice so your body temperature remains neutral. During the summer months, find a class or grab your mat and head outside for an early morning yoga session. Listen to your body, and if a pose doesn’t feel right, stop.

Drink H20 Ok, so that’s not a workout!; but it’s equally as important so you don’t get dehydrated when you’re out in the summer heat. When out in the heat, aim to drink a bit of cold water every 15 minutes or so. Get a stainless water bottle that will keep it really cold all day long. You can put your water bottle in the freezer the night before, if working out in the morning or when you wake up if you’re working out later in the day. That way, it’s perfectly cold when you’re going to be outdoors.

Taking care of your body is a priority throughout your IVF cycle. But this isn’t the time for excessive, rigorous exercise which can have a negative impact on your IVF success by stressing your reproductive system and change hormone patterns. Exercise should make you feel good – both physically and emotionally – especially during IVF treatments.  Melvin Thornton, MD wants you to keep your energy up and not to work out to the point of exhaustion.

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