Calling all parents to be!  Have things slowed down in the romance department since you started fertility treatments?  Well, unfortunately, it’s no surprise that many couples going through fertility treatments are often faced with challenges that have a mental, physical, emotional, and financial impact on the relationship.  Because of this additional stress, couples can easily lose sight of the foundation of their love and forget the importance of a physical and emotional connection.  Here we offer suggestions on how you can maintain a healthy level of intimacy during your fertility treatments and ramp things up a little in the bedroom (or hotel room!).  Check it out…

Communication is Key.

When going through fertility treatments, one of the most important things you can do as a couple is maintain an open line of communication.  Talk about your sexual needs and how they may have changed.  Be open to each other’s wants and desires, but also sensitive to how each of you is coping with the emotional aspect of trying to get pregnant and how that may have an effect in the bedroom.

Keep Your Expectations Reasonable.  

No matter what the circumstance, the fertility experience disrupts the rhythm of a couple’s intimacy.  During this time, understand that you’re probably not going to have the greatest sex of your life.  You can, however, keep the passion alive through honest communication and even a little creativity.

Add Intercourse to Your Schedule.

Sounds weird, right? Well, even though we think the best sex is spontaneous, that’s not always the case.  Sex starts with our minds, so when we wait for spontaneity and don’t receive it, we’re often disappointed.  Give yourself something to look forward to, and put sex in your schedule! Make a night of it, and plant a romantic evening with your partner (one where you both commit to not talking about fertility treatments), have some fun, go home (or stay at a hotel), and have some more fun!

Get Creative.  

Most couples (yes, even the ones in the most romantic and sexual relationships) can get in a rut.  When this happens–especially when it happens during fertility treatments– make a point to spice things up a little and add some excitement to that old routine.  Use mood-enhancing scents, wear different types of attire, role-play, or make love in a new setting.  Just step out of your comfort zone a little, and add some much-needed zest to your love life.

Understand and Appreciate Each Other’s Roles.

For same sex couples going through IVF, the process is just as daunting.  It’s no surprise that women undergoing IVF report much lower scores in sexual interest, desire, orgasm, satisfaction, sexual activity and overall sexual function.  On the other hand, the other partner who’s not going through IVF may develop feelings of guilt.  Each of you plays an important role in this difficult process, and it’s important to understand how you’re both feeling and how you can support one another.

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