Da-Da” is often times a baby’s first word uttered. Just as a baby takes months to master those first words, the road to becoming a parent, especially for gay couples can be full of difficult decisions and longing. Gay dads are faced with unique challenges, but luckily with the assisted reproductive technologies (ART) used at CT Fertility there is a wide range of options to help you build the family of your dreams. One very large decision to make, when planning the growth of your family, is whether to pursue gestational surrogacy over adoption. Each couple’s journey to parenthood is unique and personal, but we have outlined a few reasons why gay men decide to pursue gestational surrogacy with CT Fertility rather than choosing adoption.


 It has been said your ‘children are a mirror of yourself’. Sharing the same genetics provides a biological connection between you and your child and is very important to some couples. With gestational surrogacy your sperm is used with the donor egg and the gestational carrier is not related to the baby. In some cases, one or both dads may be HIV positive. This is not a barrier to parenthood for gay men. The fertility specialists at CT Fertility use a safe and proven program to allow an HIV positive man to become a father using their own genetics.

Prenatal involvement

 Hearing your baby’s heartbeat while in utero is an indescribable feeling. Often time’s couples who choose adoption are not a part of the prenatal process, and the commitment to prenatal care and screening by the mother is unknown. However, couples who choose surrogacy over adoption are involved in every aspect of prenatal care. You are involved in your baby’s development and will know your baby is receiving the best start to life possible.

Logistics and Legalities

 Same-sex couples choosing surrogacy may have stronger legal protection and rights than couples choosing adoption. Women who become gestational surrogates choose to do so and legally binding contracts are signed before in vitro fertilization (IVF) is completed. With adoption, the parents may change their mind once the baby is born. Matching adoptive parents with a pregnant mother can take much longer than gestational surrogacy. The CT Fertility surrogacy program is often times quicker than the path to adoption; a benefit to many gay couples.

If you decide that surrogacy over adoption is the right choice for you, find a fertility expert that is passionate about helping same-sex couples start the family of their dreams in a nurturing environment. Our clinic has a proven track record of care for gay men; let us help you reach parenthood through gestational surrogacy.  Contact CT Fertility today!