Advances in assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have opened a world of possibilities for gay men and same sex couples to conceive biological children through the use of donor eggs or embryos and gestational surrogacy. The fertility specialists at CT Fertility have developed special protocols and proven procedures to fulfill your family building goals including approaches that allow two men to become biological parents either simultaneously or sequentially. While the variety of options provide more flexibility and a tailored approach to parenthood, it can be challenging in the beginning of your journey to know where to begin. Here, we have outlined the steps for gay men to build a family.

Schedule A Consultation

Scheduling a consultation in our Trumbull, CT or New York City fertility clinic to discuss your family building vision and ethical and legal considerations is the first step in building your family! Dr. Melvin Thornton will help you understand your unique journey and find the best treatment option for you.

Know Your Options

Options abound for gay men building a family together or on your own. In order to create the path to parenthood that is right for you, learning the details and differences of each option is important. For example, you may choose an egg from an extensive frozen donor egg bank or you may prefer an immediately available non-anonymous donor egg from an on-site match. There are also additional embryo donation options.

CT Fertility has the following options for those needing an egg donor:

  • In-house frozen egg bank,
  • Sharing a fresh egg donor cycle with the clinic, and
  • In-house fresh egg donor program offering the following financial programs: Comprehensive (single cycle), Two transfer buy-up option and finally our most popular Unlimited/Guarantee program that are all uniquely designed to provide exactly what you need to build the family of your dreams.

Identify Your Needs and Goals

In some cases, past illness or disease may be of concern for gay men trying to start their own biological family. One such concern may be an HIV positive hopeful-father. At CT Fertility, we are proud to provide special safe and proven programs for HIV positive dads.

The CT Fertility specialists want to provide you with success in terms of delivering a healthy baby. We offer embryo biopsy for genetic testing (PGS, PGD) of blastocyst embryos to ensure the embryo transferred to the gestational surrogate is as viable and healthy as possible.

There are many avenues to success for a gay man to build a biological family of their own. Dr. Melvin Thornton & the entire CT Fertility team is delighted to have the opportunity to enable male couples to fulfill their dream of a family by successfully conceiving a child at our fertility centers in Connecticut & Manhattan. We look forward to welcoming you to our family as we work together to build yours. Take the first step and request your appointment today