The path to parenthood for couples (and individuals) takes different turns along the way. Regardless of how it occurs, the important thing to remember is that you are able to build the family of your dreams! Specifically for LGBTQ couples, becoming a parent presents a unique set of challenges as well as the opportunity to create new life with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). On that first appointment, make sure to come prepared so that you have a clear understanding of both the clinic and process of treatments.  Check out these must-ask questions during your initial meeting with our CT fertility specialists.

What are the treatment options?

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for LGBT men, women, and couples to have a baby, whether it’s through the use of egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, or using a gestational carrier (surrogacy) at our fertility center in Trumbull, CT.

Fully understanding the treatment options available to you and your partner will provide you with the clarity and assurance you need in order to make the right decision for your family. If you’ve undergone previous fertility treatments you may experience different treatment options with CT Fertility. Asking how will they be different than the ones you’ve previously undergone can be helpful.

What tests are required?

Various tests are performed to measure the likelihood of fertility depending on which treatment option you are undergoing as well as your gender. Fully understanding which tests you or your partner will need to have done before treatment begins will help put you at ease.

Can a couple safely have a child, even if one of them may be HIV+?

At CT Fertility, we are very comfortable working with HIV+ patients. Not all centers can say that. If you’re HIV+ and you think a gestational carrier would never match with you, that’s not true. During your appointment ask about our special safe and proven programs for gay couples.

What happens if both partners want to be biological parents?

If both men want to be intended fathers or biological parents, we’ll make embryos for both men. Our doctor will then help decide the best next steps.

What is your rate of success, and how is it calculated? Do you have numbers for gay couples specifically?

It is important to not only know the clinic’s rate of success, but also what those numbers are based on, i.e. the number of pregnancies or the number of live births.  Make sure to specifically ask about live birth rates and the available treatment options for a couple with a similar diagnosis and age as you and your partner and/or gestational carrier.

Does your clinic provide any emotional counseling, mind-body connection resources, or other resources?  

The warm nature and compassion of the entire CT Fertility team as well as our pride in working with the fertility of the LGBTQ community puts our patients at ease. However, no matter how wonderful an environment the CT Fertility clinic offers, family building can be a stressful and emotional time for you and your partner. It is important to surround yourself with a support system that includes family, friends, and professionals.  Additionally, counseling can be invaluable in helping you manage the variety of emotions you will experience as you undergo treatment.

How much do the different treatment options cost?  Does your clinic offer financial services or payment options should my insurance not cover treatments?

Your costs will vary based on the treatment plan you and your fertility doctor agree upon. CT Fertility offers financial planning assistance as well as very helpful financial programs to help ease the potential burden.

Now that you know what questions to ask, request your first appointment at CT Fertility. Our expert fertility clinic has locations conveniently located in Trumbull, CT and in Manhattan. Contact our fertility specialists today to learn more about how we help with LBGT family planning.