CT Fertility’s final phase of closure slated for early August requires that you now provide us with a clear directive about the future storage of your cryo preserved embryos, sperm, or oocytes. The transfer of your cryo preserved tissue to another IVF center or long term storage facility, or the discarding of your tissue, are the options available to you.

The following Consents can be downloaded, completed and returned to CT Fertility.

Download your Consent

Transfer Consent – (Use to transfer your specimens to storage)

Discard Consent – (Use to discard your specimens) Please send all consent forms by email to ctfertilityinfo@integramed.com. Please note, photo ID is sufficient to accompany the forms. No notarization is necessary.

If you have any questions about how our closing affects you, please review the FAQs below. If you have questions that are not addressed here, we welcome you to contact our patient care center via email at ctfertilityinfo@integramed.com.

Transport and Storage

Q. Can you recommend long-term storage facilities?

Please find the long-term storage facilities below, along with their website and phone number for your convenience.

Cryogam.com: 1-800-473-9601

ReproTech, Ltd
Reprotech.com: 1-888-489-8944

Fairfax Cryobank
Fairfaxcryobank.com: 1-800-338-8407

*Cryogam offers a special discount for CT Fertility patients for their first year of cryostorage

Q. What is the storage cost at these recommended facilities?

All long-term storage centers offer a competitive cost for storage, as this is their primary focus. For individual storage rates, please reach out to these facilities directly.