If you have questions about how the October 31, 2018 closing of CT Fertility affects you, this is your first stop. Do you have more questions that are not addressed here? We want to help! Contact our patient care center at (914) 251-4151 or ctfertilityinfo@integramed.com.

Important Reminder: By October 1, 2018, please send your notarized consent to transfer your embryos and/or tissue to Gary Perodin at Gary.Perodin@integramed.com. If you did not receive a consent form, you can download one here.

Unlimited Plan Patients

Q. I have the Unlimited Plan and there is still time on my contract. How is this being handled?

We are working diligently to provide multiple options for our Unlimited Plan patients – with clinics either inside the IntegraMed network or with well-regarded clinics outside our network – so you can make the decision that’s best for you on your journey toward parenthood.

Our patient service representative is in the process of reaching out personally to each Unlimited Plan patient to ensure we fully understand your unique situation and discuss your options. You can expect to hear from her soon.

Transport and Storage

Q. Will CT Fertility pay for the shipment of embryos/tissue? What are my clinic/storage options?

As part of our commitment to helping you coordinate your ongoing care, CT Fertility will pay for the transport of all patient embryos and/or tissue currently stored in our lab to either:

  • A long term cryostorage facility of your choice
  • SIRM – Las Vegas: Contact Tina McKittrick at (702) 892-9696.
  • A fertility clinic of your choice. If you are interested in this option, please contact Michelle Pedersen at Michelle.Pedersen@CTFertility.com to arrange for shipment of your embryos and/or tissue.
    • By October 1, 2018, please send your notarized consent to transfer all embryos and/or tissue to Gary Perodin at Gary.Perodin@integramed.com.
    • Transports begin the first week of October.

Shipment will be handled the same as in the past, so you will receive communications from the practice that your embroyos and/or tissue is being shipped.

Q. Can you recommend long-term storage facilities?

Please find the long-term storage facilities below, along with their website and phone number for your convenience.

Cryogam.com: 1-800-473-9601

ReproTech, Ltd
Reprotech.com: 1-888-489-8944

Fairfax Cryobank
Fairfaxcryobank.com: 1-800-338-8407

Q. What is the storage cost at these recommended facilities?

All long-term storage centers offer a competitive cost for storage, as this is their primary focus. For individual storage rates, please reach out to these facilities directly.

Q. Who will be in the lab after October 31 if there are embryos still being stored?

Our priority is to help you coordinate your ongoing care, so our experienced Lab Manager will be remaining on staff and onsite to manage the storage and transfer of any and all embryos and/or tissue that remain after October 31.

Q. Is there a deadline by when I need to schedule the transport of embryos/oocytes/sperm?

Please send your notarized consents to transfer all embryos and/or tissues by October 1, 2018 to Gary Perodin at Gary.Perodin@integramed.com.

Q. What will be done with embryos and/or tissues if a patient does not respond to communication?

We will continue to store the embryos and/or tissues and continue our attempts to make contact. If the patient has not responded after multiple notices, we will assess whether to discard them consistent with legal requirements.

Clinic Choice

Q. I prefer to choose my own clinic. Can you recommend some resources to help me decide?

Here are two excellent resources to help you research and identify a clinic so you may continue your journey toward parenthood:

Once you decide on the clinic, please email Michelle Pedersen at CT Fertility, and she will assist you in transporting your frozen embryos and/or tissues to the facility of your choice. You can reach Michelle at Michelle.Pedersen@CTFertility.com.

Medical Records

Q. Are medical records sent to a long-term storage facility with the embryos and/or tissues?

IntegraMed will maintain and store medical records, and will have access to them through either long-term storage (for hard copy records) or in our Electronic Medical Records (for newer patients).

Q. If a patient needs records after the clinic is closed, how can they request the records?

To make this request, simply download and complete this Request for Medical Records. You may also reach out to the customer care center at (914) 251-4151 or ctfertilityinfo@integramed.com and one of our patient care representatives will be happy to help you.

Donor Contact

Q. In the future, if our children want to contact the egg donor, how would they do that?

IntegraMed will manage the donor database the same way as before. You can reach out to our customer care center at (914) 251-4151 or ctfertilityinfo@integramed.com, and they will connect you with one of our third-party coordinators, who will reach out to the donor.

Q. If intended parents are asking for their child’s half siblings’ information (IPs who used the same egg donor to be made known to each other), how is this handled?

This will be handled the same way as before, and will of course respect any contractual requirements. Contact our customer care center at (914) 251-4151 or ctfertilityinfo@integramed.com and let them know you wish to receive this information.