The advancement of egg freezing (or oocyte vitrification) goes a step beyond the slower freeze methods, which have been traditionally used to freeze sperm and embryos. The slower freeze methods have proven less desirable for preserving human eggs, because of the increased damage risk of ice crystals forming within the egg upon freezing. Vitrification is a “quick -freeze” technique that minimizes the formation of ice crystals. This is achieved by using high concentrations of cryoprotectant with rapid freezing to solidify the cell. The frozen eggs are then flash-frozen in a tiny droplet of media on a very thin plastic stick.

This technology has allowed us to freeze healthy eggs from young egg donors and store or “bank” them for your future use. The Egg Bank allows you to choose and receive eggs from a proven egg donor who may no longer be donating. It also eliminates the need to synchronize both the donor and the recipient or carrier. Also, because eggs are banked in groups of ten, we can pass on cost-savings aspect to you. However because you only receive ten eggs, it may only be the ideal choice for a person or couple with one dad who is looking to have one baby.

The good news is that CT Fertility’s success rates with frozen eggs are extremely promising, with over 40 pregnancies from eggs derived from our Donor Egg Bank.