Typical Treatment Costs
Just like every patient’s treatment plan is unique, so is his or her treatment costs. Rest assured that a CT Fertility financial counselor will be there to help ensure all your decisions meet both your medical and financial needs.

Will my insurance cover treatment?

Insurance Coverage
Figuring out exactly which treatments are covered by your insurance can be tricky. Our experts will help you make the most of your insurance coverage, while also helping you explore any options that may be available to you.

What are my payment options?

Financing Options
There are many options available to help finance your dream of having a family. The experienced financial counselors at CT Fertility will make every effort to help you find the one that’s best for you.

Payment Programs
Our goal is to make IVF available to all of our patients, including those with limited or no insurance coverage for treatment. We are pleased to offer an option — called a payment program — where you pay a single, discounted fee for a predetermined number of IVF cycles.

Financial Counseling
Navigating the many variables involved in financing your treatment plan can be quite a challenge. Our expert team of financial counselors specializes in fertility treatment and has proven to be invaluable in guiding patients through this process.