Comprehensive and Unlimited Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programs

This choice guarantees you all of the fresh donor eggs, maximizes your chance of immediate success and increases your chances of creating future sibling pregnancies using the frozen embryos that are most likely to result from this option. This option is ideal for same-sex couples who intend to share eggs between two biological dads. Many of our gay dads also choose  CT Fertility’s popular Unlimited Treatment Option Plan,  which promises as many embryo transfers (fresh or frozen) that you need to have a successful birth of a healthy baby.

The program is a way to maximize the opportunity for you and your partner to have a child, while also providing affordable treatment costs.

Shared Egg Donor Cycle

Sharing eggs from one donor with another family (for example, acquiring only ten of the total number of eggs retrieved) can significantly reduce your donor-related costs. This is often the choice of people who aim to have “one baby, one time’’ without plans for a sibling, and who do not wish to create many “extra” embryos that will go unused. Because the egg number is limited to 10, it is usually not preferred by couples in which both dads wish to contribute their sperm.

Frozen Eggs From Our Egg Donor Bank

At CT Fertility, we routinely freeze unfertilized donor eggs and store them for future use, often as a back-up plan or “safety net” for fresh cycles that may “come up short” or for future “sibling projects” that may occur many years later.

Since these eggs always and only come from proven donors (rather than donors during their first donation) from whom successful pregnancies have already occurred, their quality is very high.

However, their number is limited to 10, so this is usually not the primary choice for 2-dad families or single dads desiring twins or siblings.

Our financial counselors will review any discounts for your treatment when you visit our Trumbull, CT or Manhattan fertility clinics.