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CT Fertility- Joao De Pinho, MD

About Dr. De Pinho


Joao De Pinho, MD is Portuguese and is well-versed in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English, as well as some German and some Italian.  After graduating from the Baylor College of Medicine, he went on to complete  an advanced fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Columbia University in NYC. He participated in multiple research projects and authored numerous publications in Obstetrics, Oncologic Gynecology, Urogynecology, Reproductive Medicine; as well as original works in the areas of Infertility, ethics of egg donor programs, HIV and reproduction, and the development of new egg freezing techniques

His most passionate and particular area of interest is surrogacy around the world which makes CT Fertility the natural and perfect fit for Dr. De Pinho. As a global leader in reproductive medicine and world  expert in international surrogacy. Joao is immediately available for simple and advanced egg duration and surrogacy treatment cycles