If you are a man who is ready to become a parent but don’t have a partner, you have options –traditional surrogacy, or donor egg and gestational surrogacy.  CT Fertility is proud to offer gay surrogacy for those in the LGBT community to grow your family.

In the case of traditional surrogacy, a woman agrees to be inseminated with your sperm, and uses her own eggs to produce a child. She carries the child and when the baby is born, she gives the child to you to raise.

In the case of egg donation and gestational surrogacy, eggs are donated by an anonymous donor or someone known to you.  These donated eggs are fertilized with your sperm in a laboratory, and the resulting embryos are transferred to the uterus of another woman who carries the pregnancy and, after delivery, relinquishes the child to you.

The options at our fertility clinics in Connecticut and New York City are a way for both straight and gay single men to realize their dream of fatherhood.  Contact CT Fertility today to schedule your appointment with one of our top fertility specialists!