If you’re an international family or LGBT family, find out what services we can provide for your specific needs, including international surrogacy or gay surrogacy.  You can also meet our dedicated, experienced journey coordinators who will be helping you along the way.

Always By Your Side

At CT Fertility overall wellness, safety, and treatment success of our prospective parents, donors, and gestational carriers is our number one priority. Our fertility center is staffed by an experienced, dedicated team of experts who will guide you through your entire journey to building your family.  We’re proud to provide compassionate medical and emotional guidance and will work closely with physicians and our team to maximize your chances for success and ensure that you feel supported, informed, and excited along this important journey.

Working With Our Team

CT Fertility is invested to make every effort to accommodate third-party candidates and prospective parents throughout their journey.  We understand that each donor match is unique.  Therefore, case-by-case, our specialists will make every effort to accommodate the intended parents’ requests.

Additionally, we understand traveling for fertility appointments can be time consuming.  If you are in need of a NYC fertility clinic, our CT fertility specialist is available select days in our Manhattan fertility clinic to meet with you and help your journey to parenthood.