When to See a Fertility Specialist

Everyone’s journey to becoming a parent is different. Our Fertility Specialists, led by Dr. De Pinho and Dr. Melvin Thornton, are here to help when you are ready.

For many women, issues with ovulation are at the root of their struggle. Pinpointing and correcting any problems is a key component of treatment.
Discover the common causes of infertility and the cutting-edge treatments  for women and lesbian fertility that can give you your very best chance of becoming pregnant.
Male infertility is very common. Learn more about signs to look out for from our Connecticut fertility doctors.
The idea of a ”typical” journey is a myth. Each is unique. Learn about potential treatments and what options you should consider.
There are many small changes that you can make on your own to improve your chances of having a baby. Explore them here.
CT Fertility welcomes the opportunity to help you build your family. We have extensive experience helping gay and lesbian couples become parents.
We are here to help you every step of your journey towards becoming a single parent, with specialized treatments and compassionate care.
We will guide you through the process of egg and sperm donation and surrogacy (including gay surrogacy) –  supporting you both medically and emotionally all along the way.
An increasing number of medical technologies can give you more options than ever for having a baby later in life. Learn more about the medical advances that can boost your chances of a healthy pregnancy.
A convenient reference, this glossary can help demystify some of the language you will hear along your path to parenthood.
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CT Fertility has already worked successfully with over 25 HIV positive dads who as a result have achieved their goal of healthy parenthood.