For many patients who are struggling with fertility-related concerns, the first step is often the hardest.  At CT Fertility we understand that you may even not know where to start. In many instances, a semen analysis is that first step.

The Sperm/Andrology Laboratory at CT Fertility in Trumbull, CT and NYC offers the full range of male fertility diagnostic testing including:

• Complete Semen Analysis
• Anti-sperm antibodies
• Retrograde Semen Analysis
• Fructose testing
• Cryopreservation of semen
• Preparation of MESA & TESA
• Donor sperm services

Now that QUEST Labs no longer offers outpatient semen testing, patients appreciate our male fertility testing services now more than ever. As one of Connecticut’s few full-service CLIA and FDA-certified reference sperm laboratories, we provide testing for many area men, often before they or their partners seek of receive a formal infertility referral.

The main office of CT Fertility is conveniently located at 100 Technology Drive in Trumbull, and open from Monday-Saturday beginning at 6:30 am. Semen collections can occur on-site in a discrete and comfortable on-site collection room, or brought to us from home. We also participate with all major insurance plans and have a very attractive cash pay price of $100 for those without insurance coverage. Finally, certified test results are always made available to the patient (and his referring physician) within two business day via mail, fax or email.