If you are having roadblocks on your journey to have a family of your own,  you may want to  seek the help of a fertility specialist.  

There are some general considerations to help guide your decision as to if the time is right for you. Individuals/Couples seek specialized fertility treatment for many reasons, but there are some general factors that they (and their doctors) typically weigh:

  • Same sex couples who wish to embark on their journey of becoming a parent.
  • Single individuals who want to start a family.
  • A woman under 35 has been unable to get pregnant after one year of regular, unprotected intercourse.
  • A woman has had a history of three or more miscarriages.
  • A woman needs microsurgery or treatment for endometriosis or a blockage or scarring of her fallopian tubes.
  • A woman who ovulates irregularly (or not at all) hasn’t responded to previous drug treatment.
  • A man’s semen analysis shown a low sperm count, poor motility (movement), or poor morphology (structure).
  • There is “unexplained infertility” (basic tests have come back normal, but no luck in conceiving).